Saturday, February 13, 2010

Some like Sunday, Some like Monday, but I like my Birthday ;)

Birthday, a day of rejoicing, fun and light heartedness. A day full of love and affection for all those that send in feeling and wishes and warmth; a day of family and friends calling in. Subhash and me quietly brought in my 27th birthday last night with a cake, candle and a birthday wish.

When I woke up in the morning, my first thoughts were my parents. I tried to create their image in my mind and think about them. No matter how many new friends or new experiences I have, on birthdays, it all comes back to my parents first.

The day then became festive with calls and card - half of them now arriving as electronic messages, from friends and family. In the evening a few friends (Sachin, Ranjana, Shashank, Amit, Renuka, Nithin, Lakshmi and Isha baby) came over for dinner. Nothing extravagant or loud, a mere warm collection of friends, light banter, some Wii sessions and now going back to bed.

As we all know life being what it is, my birthday had a few moments of sadness too. Its been just two long weeks since my uncle passed away. When life ends it takes along so many moments and memories in one swift cruel move. Lips still have prayers for him.

We need to understand that when we remember birthdays, we remember what we did, and who we were with. We don’t necessarily remember the presents. This shows us what is important to us. Hoping to have some more such wonderful birthdays sans the sad moments.

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