Friday, March 27, 2009

25 Things about me

Well here is a list of 25 Things about me …. It’s a Facebook thing but I thought why not put it up here so that you can get to know me better …

  1. I was born on a SHIVRATRI. It was a New Moon Saturday (can you beat such a deadly combination, comes only once in some 16 years)

  1. I am the ONLY CHILD and so I live like a PRINCESS at home! If there's a next life, I wouldn't mind coming back as "ME", but I do want a sibling then.

  1. I have Ophidiophobia, fear of snakes ... Even talking about them would lead to many sleepless nights.

  1. I also have Achluophobia, fear of darkness ... So I can't sleep alone in a dark room or keep my eyes closed for long!!

  1. I totally dread going to the doctor (Injections can kill you see) ... I have a doctors prescription by the name "Miss Nuisance Nair" ( coz of all the ruckus I created to take an injection)

  1. I wore glasses from a very young age until college. Thereafter I started using lens till 2 years back when I had lasik eye surgery.

  1. Usually I Procrastinate things but end up finishing some work while trying to procrastinate some other work. That’s because I never procrastinate things that I Determine to do.

  1. I strongly believe in “Be true to yourself and you can never be false to others

  1. Whenever I am happy I like to jump up n down … I call it Soumya’s Kangaroo Jump … lolzzz

  1. I CRY when I am angry. I CRY when I am sad. I CRY when I am … Ok I do CRY at the drop of a pin …

  1. I have always wanted everyone to LIKE me. Over the years I’ve realized that it’s not always possible to please everyone but I am not a Quitter.

  1. I PRAY four times in a day by choice; But am neither a fanatic nor do I have blind faith.

  1. I have a fetish for Treasuring things ( I still have the first coin my dad ever gave me, the first note my mom ever gave me, the first email Subhash sent, the first note that my mother in law gave me, the bus ticket when I traveled alone for the first time, all the greeting cards I’ve ever got, etc etc)

  1. Window Shopping is what keeps me alive

  1. My nephew, AKSHAY was the first baby I ever held in my hand; The moment is very special to me and will be cherished forever.

  1. I am a big time Emotional Eater with a sweet jaw ( yeah not a sweet tooth, coz I loveeeeee sweets)

  1. I cannot go even 1 day without hearing my Mother’s Voice. ( Never tried and never can)

  1. I took two years of German in college, and remember absolutely none of it as of today … Am planning to learn again!!

  1. I once went to a television show called Kya Masti Kya Dhoom and all that they captured was my Signature LAUGH ( Am sooo proud of that!!)

  1. As a kid I once emptied a bottle full of water on a bald man’s head from our school bus window … Oopssss !!

  1. I am a TELEVISION FREAK; I watch almost all the sitcoms, reality shows and everything else on every channel even though I know that they’re largely a load of crap. I am also a huge MOVIE BUFF (Hindi, English, Malayalam and Tamil)

  1. Subhash and I agreed to get married WITHOUT Even Seeing each other ... Phew!!

  1. I am in awe of storms, rains, thunder, wind, snow. I love the way NATURE shows she has ultimate power over man.

  1. I want to live in a Tree House on the banks of the River ( I love nature especially water bodies)

  1. My DREAM is to do something for the slum kids ... I have started working on it.

  1. Why the 26th point?? Because I always like to give in MORE than what is expected, be it in my work or my relationships.

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  1. Hey Soumya .. thats a cool list!!! :) and nice blog :D